Distributor Spotlight: Fenwick

The CXO300 diesel outboard has been making its way across the globe and is now being used in the field. Cox Distributor Fenwick, covering France, Corsica and Switzerland recently installed a single installation of the CXO300 onto an Iguana Commuter vessel to be used as a tender to NORD, an impressive 142m superyacht. Following this installation, they have since taken an order for a second Cox powered tender.

The outboard market has been booming and we are seeing far more customers wanting to replace their inboards with higher-powered outboard engines.

Alain Moineau, Marine Department Manager, Fenwick

With Fenwick making significant progress, we spoke to Alain Moineau, Marine Department Manager at Fenwick to discuss his time working with Cox, his predictions on the market, and what the future looks like for the marine industry.

How long has Fenwick been in operation?

Founded in 1862, Fenwick has been a French family-run business for almost 160 years. Diversified in three specialisations: Marine, Electronics, and Industry, each made up of autonomous departments which exclusively manage several product lines and have their own means of marketing, monitoring, and maintenance of products.

Since 1948, the Marine Department of Fenwick distributes and provides aftersales service for marine inboard engines including Yanmar and Sole, and outboard engines, including Johnson and Tohatsu and most recently, Cox Powertrain.

When did Fenwick join the Cox Powertrain distributor network?

Fenwick joined Cox Powertrains distributor network in 2017.

How have you seen the business develop during this period?

In the space of 3 years, Cox has developed and perfected a fabulous engine that is unmatched on the market. Their ultra-modern, state-of-the-art factory is very impressive and it’s great to see outboards being shipped across the globe.

We received our first CXO300 outboard late last year and we have already successfully delivered this to our market which is a great sense of achievement.

Tell us about your facilities and what is going on there?

Fenwick is based in Gennevilliers in the northern suburbs of France, very close to Paris and not far from Roissy Charles De Gaulle airport. We have 30 members of staff at our offices, a warehouse to store the products a workshop with a service school to provide training to our dealers on the various products we distribute.

How has the market been in recent months?

Due to the pandemic, we have seen the market go through some uncertainties, but we are hopeful that business will pick up again by 2022.

How have you seen the maritime sector evolve over the decades?

Over the years, we have seen our customer base change. Our customers are becoming more senior, and we are seeing an increased demand in vessels for retirees who are keen recreational fishermen.  We have also seen the charter market booming. As for the professional market, it remains stable, but we expect this to pick up once the Coronavirus risk lessens, and the economy starts to operate at a normal pace again. We also hope that this will provide opportunities to replace inboard engines with Cox’s CXO300 as we are seeing an increased demand for this.

The French boatbuilder, Iguana yachts recently sold its first vessel to a customer. Can you tell us why the CXO300 was chosen by the customer?

The Cox outboard engine has been installed on an Iguana Commuter which will predominately be used as a tender to the Superyacht NORD. The customer chose the Cox diesel outboard for safety due to gasoline being very difficult to store on a yacht. They were also very attracted to the lower fuel consumption and the longer life, resulting in a far more cost-effective marine propulsion option.

Do you anticipate higher demand for diesel outboard motors in the coming years?

Certainly. In recent years, the outboard market has been booming and we are seeing far more customers wanting to replace their inboards with higher-powered outboard engines. With Cox offering a brand new diesel outboard option, it is incredibly attractive to a lot of customers, so we predict that the CXO300 will become increasingly more popular.

What new technologies do you hope to see in the maritime field in the next 5-10 years?

There is a big shift in users being increasingly more aware of their carbon footprint and with that, we expect to see a huge rise in clean-burning engines. Manufacturers will need to start looking at new technologies to help their engines offer lower emissions.

How well do you think the CXO300 will be received by the market?

So far, we have seen the CXO300 receive a great reception. There has been a lot of excitement around the new high-powered diesel outboard. The CXO300 promises 25% better fuel efficiency which amounts to an excellent total cost of ownership and is incredibly appealing to both commercial and recreational users.

Explain what happens after you receive your CXO300 outboards? What is the process for ensuring the acceptance of outboard motors by your customers?

When the CXO300 outboards arrive at our facility, we start communicating with various boat builders who we feel will be a good match for the CXO300. We then work very closely with the boat builder and their design office to install the outboard onto one of their vessels. Once that is done, we can then begin the all-important sea trials to collate performance data and to ensure the outboard has been fully tested before offering it to our customers.

You cover a large area, what are your plans to provide all your customers with efficient customer service?

We will have a network of 6 to 7 Gold level dealers along the French coast who will oversee a sub-network. All dealers will go through in-depth training to ensure they are well equipped to work on the CXO300, as well as having the correct tools and equipment. These dealers will be an important part of ensuring we deliver exceptional customer service to our end-users.

What is your level of involvement with the customer once they have received their outboard?

We provide 24/7 customer service via telephone and email to ensure our customers can always get in touch with us.

If you are based in France and would like a demonstration of the CXO300, please reach out to Alain Moineau at Fenwick, amoineau@fenwick.fr