Build Technician – Grade A (Entry Level)

Deadline: 1st July 2021



Job Title: Build Technician – Grade A (Entry Level)
Line Manager: Production Team Leader
Location: Shoreham-by-Sea
Standard Working Hours:  40 hours
Holiday: 25 days + bank holidays
Salary and Benefits: £10 per hour, anti-social shift premium, company pension scheme


    • Understand and accurately follow standard operating procedures.
    • The completion of build operations to the required quality standard.
    • The completion of build operations within takt time.
    • The completion of build operations, maintaining throughput, safety and quality standards across the shift.
    • Diligently work towards being trained and competent, such that you obtain a complete knowledge of the product and build process.
    • The daily completion of TPM and 5S activities.
    • To work safely and adhere to all regulations, policies and procedures for health, safety and environmental compliance.
    • To maintain a clean and safe working area at all times, both for yourself and the wider team.
    • Maintain a neat and orderly appearance in the workplace using the workwear provided.
    • To be consistently punctual and ready for the start of the shift.
    • To promptly notify the Production Team Leader of any part or equipment defects.
    • To rotate through multiple workstations and areas, flexibly and on request.
    • Support continuous improvement and problem resolution activities if required.


    • GCSEs/A-levels or equivalents.
    • Experience in general assembly work a plus.
    • Automotive or marine powertrain experience a plus.
    • Must be energetic, driven and enthusiastic.
    • Ability to understand Engineering drawings and bills of materials a plus.
    • Ability to commit to a flexible schedule.
    • Experience with power and hand tools a plus.
    • Basic math, reading, computer and communication skills required.
    • Strong attention to detail and an ability to complete work accurately and thoroughly.
    • Strong ability to operate as part of a team.


Cox Powertrain is a privately owned engineering company based in Shoreham by Sea. Cox have spent the past decade developing a ground-breaking new engine, supported by £120m of private investment, for marine industry which is disrupting the global marine market. Cox Powertrain have over 150 permanent employees, with strong connections with the automotive industry.

The core engine module is a V8, 4-stroke turbo charged diesel with a capacity of 4.4ltr litres that delivers up to 300 hp (224kW) per module.  Principal benefits are increased responsiveness combined with reduced size, mass and parts count when compared with conventional diesels of similar power output and improved fuel efficiency and storage safety compared to gasoline engines of similar power output.