As part of Cox’s goal to deliver unrivalled aftersales service, Cox have developed a new generation of mobile boating technology with their innovative and intelligent mobile app, Coxswain™ – a powerful new engine management tool. The Coxswain™ app has been designed to help Cox customers receive unmatched customer service to avoid lengthy engine downtime. Available on desktop, smartphone and tablet, the Coxswain™ can be accessed wherever, and whenever customers need it.

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The mobile app provides a unique and personally tailored experience for Cox customers, detailing images of their specific Cox powered vessel, along with information relating to each outboard, such as warranty, service records, serial numbers, and maintenance information – all managed in real-time. The Coxswain™ app is exceptionally user-friendly, easy to navigate and is designed to ensure customers get help when they need it, wherever they are in the world, making it an invaluable tool for swift aftersales support.

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Customers can request support via the app, indicating their preferred dealer and will receive a response within 30 minutes of their request. Push notifications are sent through the app to keep customers updated on the progress of their request, ensuring they are connected and informed every step of the way. While they wait, customers are directed to useful guides to help them diagnose the issue and to help get their vessel back up and running. As well as this, the app also holds an extensive knowledge base, allowing self-help for those smaller, less technical issues, along with all the relevant Owner’s documentation, reducing paperwork and ensuring the end-user has what they need, at all times.

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Book a service at a press of a button

Access owner’s documentation

Manage a fleet of vessels

Manage service history

Warranty management

Request technical assistance

Direct contact with a Cox technician

Access to useful knowledge guides

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