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Our story so far

The delivery of the CXO300 in early 2022, our first V8 engine, has pushed us to be recognised as the brand that powers the future of the global marine industry, through sustainable innovation.

With the ability to run on diesel and HVO100, this outboard is already significantly reducing marine emissions and the total cost of ownership, to our customers, through the application of innovative technologies in high-performance propulsion systems.

Delivering the same performance and packaging of a gasoline outboard but with the fuel efficiency of alternative fuels, this marine-specific propulsion option has begun to revolutionise the market.


The CXO300

A lightweight and robust diesel-powered engine that combines exceptional performance and power to create a safer and more efficient alternative to gasoline-powered outboards.

With a 30% reduction in emissions, the CXO300 is 0% Compromise.

When delays in response times can have major consequences, the CXO300 high-performance diesel outboard engine quickly reaches its top speed of 4000RPM, getting you to where you need to be, swiftly and efficiently.

The CXO300’s V8 4.4l twin-turbo engine generates significantly more torque at lower RPM and maintains this power across a wide range of engine speeds.

High torque at low RPM

Designed for commercial and recreational use, the CXO300 is a new generation of diesel marine technology, offering a high-powered diesel outboard to the marine market. Delivering 503 lb.ft torque at 2250-3000 revolutions per minute, the CXO300 allows your vessel to move through the water in a much more controlled and smooth manner, whilst also meeting the demands for a high performing outboard engine and ensuring safety and convenience at the same time.

Gasoline Outboard


Exceptional fuel savings

With up to 30% better fuel efficiency compared to a 300hp gasoline outboard, and with a service life that is three times your average outboard, the CXO300 not only provides unique fuel savings, but it also provides exceptional total cost of ownership savings.

Please note that data may differ depending on variables such as vessel and sea conditions. For further information, please visit our Performance page.

Gasoline Outboard

gal/h (US)
(98 L/h)
gal/h (US)
(140 L/h)
gal/h (US)
(72 L/h)

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