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The V8’s excellent fuel efficiency allows a longer range, helping crews to reach those extra special fishing spots to get their catch of the day.

Passenger Boat

This purpose-built diesel outboard reduces your vessel’s downtime, ensuring your business can run as usual, for longer periods.

Fire & Rescue

Making the choice not to power your response vessels with gasoline means your crew safety is one less thing to worry about in those tense situations.


The commercially rated diesel outboard is built to support your commercial operations, coupled with a global support network, to keep your downtime to a minimum.

Environmental Studies

Having received EPA Tier 3, RCD II, and IMO II certification, The V8 is the most environmentally friendly high-powered outboard available .

Pilot Boat

The V8 produces up-to 35% less CO2 than the alternative outboards, making those trips back and forth less harmful to the natural environment.

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