From Dream to RealityThe Cox Marine Journey

About Cox Marine

Our vision

Our goal is to be recognised as the brand that powers the future of the global marine industry, through sustainable innovation. Building further on our reputation, forming strong relationships, and earning the respect and trust of our partners, we hope that delivering on our promises with passion will help enable our people and the business to progress and grow further.

Our story so far

Back in 2010, we started out to deliver a revolutionary new concept; a lightweight outboard that would be the first stop on our journey to power the future of the global marine industry through sustainable innovation.

Since then, with the help of private investment, we have brought our dream to reality.

The delivery of the CXO300 in early 2022, our first V8 engine, has pushed us towards this vision.

With the ability to run on diesel and HVO100, this outboard is already significantly reducing marine emissions and the total cost of ownership, to our customers, through the application of innovative technologies in high-performance propulsion systems.

Delivering the same performance and packaging of a gasoline outboard but with the fuel efficiency of alternative fuels, this marine-specific propulsion option has begun to revolutionise the market.


How it all began

Charles Good begins his search for a lightweight diesel engine capable of satisfying the large global demand for a diesel outboard engine which he had identified.


Vision turned into reality

Having met David in 2008, Charles became Chairman in 2009, and with his investor group, becomes the financier of Cox Powertrain and spearheads the development of David’s lightweight diesel into the powerhead for an outboard engine.


First Fire

The first fire of Cox Marine’s concept engine and commencement of designs for the Alpha engine.


Alpha Engine

Alpha engine on-water demonstrations begin, and a more defined beta design is developed.


Significant Growth

David and Charles appoints a Senior Leadership Team, driving the business on and taking on new premises at Brighton City Airport.


Distribution Network

Work to secure a global distributor network begins with an expected 50 distributors worldwide to support the launch of the CXO300.


Production line is built

World-class production facility at Brighton City Airport is built in anticipation for launch of the CXO300. Production staff commence employment.


Production Begins

Following EPA Tier 3, RCD II and IMO Tier II certification, Cox Powertrain commences production of the CXO300 with the first units shipped to the market in July 2020.

Our People

Meet the team

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Gavin Wesson

Gavin Wesson

Chief Executive Officer

Barry Elliot Cox Marine

Barry Elliott

Non-Executive Director

David Alban

David Alban

Non-Executive Director

David Gilbert

David Gilbert

Chief Commercial Officer

Petra Argent

Company Secretary

Holly Cooper

Holly Cooper

People Director

George Bramley

George Bramley

Financial Director

Paul Cavander

Paul Cavander

CXO Programme Director

James Eatwell

James Eatwell

Technical Director

Richard Lind Cox Marine

Richard Lind

Supply Chain Director

Adam Gurr Cox Marine

Adam Gurr

Product Portfolio Director

Alex Degnen

Alex Degnen

Head of BMS