Our Time at Miami International Boat Show 2020

To continue the excitement around the CXO300 diesel outboard we recently attended the Miami International Boat Show where we held public demonstrations of the CXO300. The Miami International Boat Show is one of the largest, covering 5 days with almost 100,000 people walking through the door every year.

One of our North American distributors, Diesel Outboard Solutions joined us for extra support to take those who wanted to, out on demonstrations. We were also lucky enough to be supported by some of the most skilled experts in marine propulsion, ready to answer all questions related to the outboard.

We had a very successful few days with a huge amount of interest and excitement around the engine. During the 5-day show, our distributors performed 18 demonstrations which involved taking people out on the boat to experience the outboard in action. This resulted in some great feedback in relation to how quiet the engine was. As well as this, there was also a lot of surprise around the lack of drop in the engines RPM through the entire turn radius when the vessel was put into a hard turn at cruising speed.


The most exciting part of the show was that it was the first show we attended where we were able to share more information about when we expect to go into production, which will happen once the final regulatory testing has completed. This will be a momentous hurdle for Cox Powertrain to overcome, and one which the entire Cox team have been working tirelessly towards for many years now.

With production nearing, Cox have started putting in place an effective strategy to ensure they can keep up with the demand and have recently invested in ‘no fault forward’ production line.

To find out more contact us today or sign up for a demonstration to get a full idea of the power of the engine and how it works.