Want to Drive Your Boat Really Fast? Top List of Locations and Routes for Thrillseekers

Sometimes the need for speed takes over and nothing but the open ocean will do. While your local boating spots might be good for day trips with the family, we can’t help but feel you need to look further afield to scratch that speed-related itch. If you’re really looking to put your outboard motor to the test, you might want to check that your passport is up to date… 

Here are 7 of the world’s top locations for driving your boat really really fast.

1. The Caribbean: St Barts 

St Barts, also known as St. Barths or St Barthelemy, is one of the Caribbean’s top spots for yachts and speed boats. Moor up in the popular Gustavia Harbour to experience the nightlife and spend all day racing across the Caribbean Sea. Check out the St Bart’s Bucket Regatta where yachts compete against each other in high-speed races. If you need to catch your breath — and catch some rays — there are 11 stunning beaches around the island for when you need to switch up to a slower pace.

2. The Bahamas 

Comprised of over 700 islands and 100 miles of shallow, open water, The Bahamas is an excellent spot for fast boating. Skim across the clearest water on earth and race past white sandy beaches as you put your outboard motor to the test.  Whether you’re travelling from America or Europe, The Bahamas is easily accessible. Make sure to head to Nassau or Paradise Island, the ‘Gateways’ to The Bahamas, and fuel up before speeding into the sunset.

3. San Francisco Bay 

A little closer to home is ‘San Fran Bay’, one of the world’s finest natural harbours. At 60 miles long and 3-12 miles wide, there is plenty of space for you to cruise at top speeds. Dart across the water while taking in the modern skylines beside you. With 3 marinas and 6 separate locations to ‘Dock and Dine’, San Francisco promises a safe and well-catered experience. While notorious for its trepidatious waters, the scenery – such as Angel Island – is breathtaking.

4. Dubai

Home of the International Dubai Boat Show, Dubai is a powerhouse for superyachts and super-fast boats. Extremely popular with the rich and the famous, Dubai is the place to be (and be seen) if you have a powerful boat. Its position on the Gulf Coast awards it an extensive coastline of 49 miles, recently extended to 930 miles by the offshore development programme, the Palm Islands. The man-made island system, in the semblance of a palm tree, divides the water up into sections easily conquered by speed boat. If you have a fast boat, Dubai welcomes you.

5. Singapore

Singapore has become one of South East Asia’s boating hotspots. Thanks to recent spending on marina infrastructure, Singapore Island has over 300 berths for boats across its two marinas. Cruise along the Singapore Strait and rest at any time on the scattered Islands nearby, Changi beach being the favourite. The annual Singapore Yacht Show is not to be missed either if you’re interested in seeing the world’s fastest and most prestigious vessels. This year, the show had an on-water display of over 100 of the latest and greatest superyachts!

6. Sydney, Australia

A place like no other, Sydney’s harbour offers a haven for boaters. Facing the Tasman Sea, the Sydney area enjoys over 70 fine sand beaches that make exploring the South Pacific easy, even at top speeds. With a climate that promises 300+ sunny days a year, you’ll want to be speeding across the cool water as much as possible. As you rush along, keep an eye out for the dazzling Hyams Beach, crowned the world’s whitest, or skim the coastline of the famous Bondi Beach!