The World’s Best Boat Races

If you are thinking of heading off to some boat races this year or just want an idea of what to watch and when, then we have tracked down the best boat races to help you decide. Take a look at our top five and start planning your viewing!

1 America’s Cup

If you want a race steeped in history, then the America’s Cup is an international boat race that dates back to 1851! From professional sailors, wealthy sponsors and cutting edge yacht designers, this event oozes the exclusivity that you’d expect to see in a prestigious event and offers prizes for both sailing and design so that everyone that takes part can be recognised.

2 Cowes Week

If you want to stay a bit closer to home, then why not take part in watching the world-famous Cowes Week? Taking place in Solent, this event has over 8000 entrants and is one of the oldest events in the British sailing calendar. 

It’s also an event that is well-loved by spectators as there are a myriad of events, parties, and spectaculars during this weeklong event. Possibly the most famous part of the entire week is the amazing fireworks display that is used to signal the end of the event.

3 Barcelona

If you prefer races in the Med, the Barcelona is the largest option that draws crowds of around a quarter of a million each year. Twenty-five thousand competitors meet in the Gulf of Triste in Italy and take part in their category, hoping to achieve a win. 

It’s one of the most diverse events, with boats all divided into specific categories for their own separate races. There are even categories for kite surfers and windsurfers! Plus, if you love to see up and coming names in the sport, then children as young as eight are able to enter too.

4 Volvo Ocean Race

First sailed in 1973, the Volvo Ocean race takes place on a three-year rotation and is not only an autumn to spring event that will keep you interested, but at nine months in duration, it is both the longest and most difficult event that professional competitors will ever face. From difficult weather conditions to maintaining a vessel for nine months non-stop, each person that takes part will have achieved something that the vast majority of us could only dream of.

5 Vendee Globe

Last on our list is the Vendee Globe that starts and ends at the French Département of Vendée. It is an around the world race that is single-handed and non-stop, making it also one of the toughest events on the boating calendar. 

Watching it in one go is an impossibility as it takes around three months to complete, but keeping up to date with the competitors’ progress will keep you entertained, especially when you get to see some of the most exciting sportspeople achieve such an amazing feat!

Did we miss any of your favourites? Let us know by getting in touch!