Cox Marine Distributor Spotlight: Texas Diesel Outboard

Our distributor network is vital to our success as a global OEM business. When we began our journey back in 2007, a mere seven employees worked on the design and development of the CXO300. Today, we have a strong workforce of 150 employees at our Headquarters in Shoreham, UK, and a network of 24 distributors across the globe.

We recently caught up with John Bowen, President of Texas Diesel Outboard and Vice President Samantha Bowen to discuss their journey working with Cox, his predictions on the market, and what the future looks like for the marine industry.

How long has Texas Diesel Outboard been operating?

Texas Diesel Outboards was created in 2018, with the sole purpose of representing Cox Marine and the CXO300 in the gulf region of the United States.

You have been a distributor of Cox for several years now. How have you seen the business grow during this time? 

The CXO300 engine itself has seen significant improvements since its initial launch. Cox Marine’s UK – based engineering team has been receptive to feedback regarding the engine’s performance and has worked hard to ensure the product’s durability on the water.

What territory does Texas Diesel Outboard cover for Cox Marine?

When we first joined the Cox Marine distributor network, we were responsible for our home state of Texas, as well as Missouri and Oklahoma. Since then, we have expanded our territory to include Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

Tell us about your facilities and what goes on there.

Our operation is based around our headquarters in Kemah, Texas, which houses our sales and service staff along with extensive product inventory. With a secondary location in Rockport, Texas. We plan on adding additional support sites later this year to cover our expanded territories.

What has the market been like in recent months?

Since the CXO300 was re-launched in the summer of 2022, with additional engine improvements, we have seen a sizeable and continued increase in inquiries regarding the product.

How have you seen the marine industry change over the decades?

During our decades of working with various marine equipment, we have seen a sizeable shift due to the integration of modern technology in the maritime sector. Most noticeably, the introduction of computer-controlled engines increased horsepower in smaller and lighter packages.

Where do you think the future of marine is going?

Continuing the trend that we’ve seen in recent years, the pleasure craft market will continue to want bigger and faster boats, which is clear by the ever-increasing horsepower of engines that are being released into the market.

On the flip side, the commercial market will continue to find new ways to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. The continual development of new technologies will help drive both markets’ requirements. It will be interesting to see what future alternative fuel sources will do to help both markets achieve their goals.

Do you predict a higher demand for diesel outboards in the next few years?

Yes, we wouldn’t have created a company to distribute them if we didn’t think so!

The benefits diesel outboards provide the user (both commercial and recreational), of switching to diesel outboards will increase demand over time.

What new technologies do you hope to see in marine over the next 5-10 years?

The number one request from customers is for increased horsepower in our engines. So, it only makes sense that the marine industry would deliver on that request. Also, as technology improves, I believe the weight of the engines themselves will see a noticeable decrease.

How does the market receive the CXO300?

As with any new technology, the introduction of the CXO300 has been met with some scepticism. But, as soon as people experience the 300hp diesel motor and start understanding why and how it works, it becomes a “no-brainer.”

You cover a large area; what are your plans to ensure all your customers receive efficient customer service?

We are building an expansive, experienced dealer network to support customers across our territory. This network consists of boat yards, existing marine propulsion service centres, and boat builders. Each new dealer will undergo a rigorous onboarding process, including complete product training from Cox Marine staff and our CXO300-trained technicians.

How much involvement do you have with the customer once they have received their outboard?

We hope that the customer is satisfied with their outboard. However, if they experience any problems, we’ll work closely with our local Dealer to solve the issue, including sending a member of our support team staff to the customer’s location if necessary.

If you are based in the Texas Diesel Outboard’s territory and would like a demonstration of the CXO300, please reach out to the team at Texas Diesel Outboard on