Cox Distributor Spotlight: Boatswain’s Locker

Our distributor network is key to our success as a global OEM business. When we began our journey back in 2007 there were a mere 7 employees working on the design and development of the CXO300. Today, we have a strong workforce of 150 employees at our Headquarters in Shoreham, UK, and a network of 36 distributors across the globe.

One of our first distributors to join our network was California based Boatswain’s Locker. We caught up with Lance Henrichsen, Sales Director at Boatswain’s Locker to discuss their journey working with Cox, his predictions on the market, and what the future looks like for the marine industry.

How long has Boatswains Locker been operating?

Boatswain’s Locker has been in operation since 1939. Since then, the business has evolved over the years, from a boatyard and marine store to a multiline distributor of marine power equipment and related products.

You were one of the first distributors to join Cox’s network, how have you seen the business grow during this time?

Over the last few years, it has been exciting to watch Cox Powertrain progress with their journey, from a small start-up OEM to successfully bringing a high powered 300hp diesel outboard to the market. It has been a great experience to present the CXO300 outboard to our customers and represent the brand at boat shows. The recognition the brand and the product has been receiving has increased over time and we are really looking forward to delivering units to boat builders and end-users who are keen to receive their engines.

 How many states do you cover in the US?

We cover The Pacific Coast of North America including Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California, and Hawaii.

Tell us about your facilities and what goes on there?

Boatswain’s Locker’s operations include support of existing product through parts support along with an experienced field service team who conduct training for our expansive dealer network, and for end-users in our local community.

What has the market been like in recent months?

Despite the global pandemic, the demand for recreational boating has picked up significantly. Recreational boat owners have seen boating as a beneficial way to spend time with families. It provides a safe alternative to travel, as well as being able to enjoy each other’s company safely outdoors.

How have you seen the marine industry change over the decades?

Over the years, there has been a trend in the transition to outboards from inboards. There was a significant trend with the smaller engines but with outboard technology increasing in power, there has been a shift in the more powerful outboards, with outboards dominating the sub 400 horsepower market.

Where do you think the future of marine is going?

As time move on, there will be a continual push towards the transition to outboards rather than inboards. We will also start to see an increased development of hybrid and electric technologies much like the automotive industry.

Do you predict a higher demand for diesel outboards in the next few years?

We certainly do, which is why we are very excited to be representing Cox through this exciting time of product innovation and introduction. There is a huge market opportunity for diesel outboards to continue to grow for years to come and we expect to see Cox being the leading engineering business for this.

What new technologies do you hope to see in marine over the next 5-10 years?

We expect to see a broader offering of diesel outboards to meet the demands of the boating market. We also hope to see innovation around emissions for combustion engines, as well as the introduction of more electric and hybrid options for vessel power.

How well do you think the CXO300 will be received by the market?

We have already experienced great reception of the CXO300 and it clearly fills a current void in the market for an engine that has the ease of an outboard with the reliability, fuel efficiency, and fuel safety of a diesel.

Explain what happens after you receive your CXO300 outboards? What is the process to ensure the outboards are received by your customers?

Upon arrival and product inspection at our facility, the CXO300’s are stored in our engine warehouse. When authorized Cox Dealers and OEM’s throughout our territory are ready for their CXO300 outboard, we confirm what outboard specifications are needed, along with the many additional accessories and options available which their customers might be interested in. By providing a complete package, Boatswain’s Locker ensures the best experience for the dealer, OEM, and ultimately the customer.

You cover a large area, what are your plans to ensure all your customers receive efficient customer service?

We are teaming up with established organizations throughout our territory, including boatyards, marine repair facilities and boat builders to join our Cox Dealer network. Our team will support with in-depth training on the CXO300 outboard as well as ensuring they understand the importance of excellent customer service. We will also be on call to support these local dealer businesses with whatever is needed.

How much involvement do you have with the customer once they have received their outboard?

Once the customer has received their outboard, we hope that there are no issues However, if the customer requires service or technical support, we will work with the local Cox Dealer to resolve the issue expeditiously, and if needed dispatch part of our service team to support onsite.

If you are based on the Pacific Coast of North America and would like to find out more about the CXO300, please get in touch with Lance Henrichsen at Boatswain’s Locker.