Cox Marine Distributor Spotlight: JTCMARIN

Our distributor network is crucial to our success as a global OEM business. When we began our journey in 2007, a mere seven employees were working on the design and development of the CXO300. Today, we have a strong workforce of 150 employees at our Headquarters in Shoreham, UK, and a network of 24 distributors across the globe.

We met Andrea M. Sieiro from JTCMARIN to discuss their journey working with Cox Marine, their predictions on the market, and what the future looks like for the marine industry.

How long has JTCMARIN been operating?

JTCMARIN has been in operation for 8.5 years.

How have you seen the business grow in your time as a distributor for Cox Marine?

We were signed as a distributor during the pandemic in 2020. In our country, business slowed down by almost 80%. However, in the following years, it started to increase slowly. Indeed, there is growth in product interest within the region.

What territory does JTCMARIN cover for Cox Marine?

We cover Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Belize.

Tell us about your facilities and what goes on there.

We have 6,400 ft2 of a warehouse divided into:

    • Sales showroom: where we have products on display, a part counter, and the sales team desks.
    • Administrative offices: where all the finance, RRHH, and organisation matters happen and meeting rooms.
    • Parts warehouse: we have two level levels of parts storage capability where we allocated about $400k in inventory.
    • Workshop area: where we can work on several products such as transmissions, engines, or outboards to do a complete service of the products.
    • Training area: we can offer training to 10 participants from all the brands we support.

What has the market been like in recent months?

The market in Panama and Central America has been slowly picking up. Our region is influenced a lot by the North American market.

How have you seen the marine industry change over the decades?

We believe that the marine industry will change dramatically over the next decade as we see that technology is evolving incredibly fast. Additionally, the green environmental goal will be reached faster than anticipated. Safety and less required manpower will also impact this industry and bring about new challenges.

Where do you think the future of marine is going?

The future of marine is going to be excellent; this market never stops. It will change a lot. It will bring challenges, but with higher and more opportunities and demands. We see that more diesel and multi-fuel products will be developed in the different ranges of power and applications.

Do you predict a higher demand for diesel outboards in the next few years?

For sure YES.

What new technologies do you hope to see in marine over the next 5-10 years?

In up to 5 years, we expect to see more outboard diesel engines for different applications. In up to 10 years, we believe that electric and hybrid technologies will be developing quickly in new areas.

How well do you think the market has received the CXO300?

People are very much interested in the diesel outboard, but the price is always questioned. However, once our sales team demonstrates the benefits this product offers, especially the fuel savings, their mind is often changed.

You cover a large area; what are your plans to ensure all your customers receive efficient customer service?

Even though our area of coverage is large, our market is repowering, and there is a very small /limited number of boat builders and OEMs. These projects go one-by-one case with the opinion of the ship owners. Most companies are auto-sufficient due to the fact that their operations are located in remote areas with bad roads or even with no roads to access.

Seminars to local mechanics and operators are the key to ensuring customers receive efficient service, as well as services tours done by us, the help and support from Cox Marine and local dealers.

How much involvement do you have with the customer once they have received their outboard?

We at JTCMARIN strongly believe in a close customer relationship. We stay very close to the customer’s operation and vessel in order to guarantee that the customer receives the best experience with the product and that the product stays up-to-date and well-received in the market and in optimal conditions.

If you are based in JTCMARINE’s territory and would like a demonstration of the CXO300, please reach out to the team at JTCMARIN on

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