100 Years of Speedboats

If you love the power and speed that come with a speedboat, then learning more about the history of these amazing vessels will not only be interesting but will help you understand just how far they have come over the last century.

Take a look at the key moments in the history of speedboats and be amazed at how they have evolved.

The First Speedboats

The first speedboat on record was created by the Hull-based Priestman Brothers in 1888. This boat was powered with kerosene and made use of a high-tension ignition. Not only did these boats perform well, but they became popular as towing vessels for canals. 

However, the Priestman Brothers were not the only makers of the first speedboats. JD Roots also realised the potential of installing an engine on a boat in order to run a successful ferry service along the River Thames. His ferry service may have only lasted a year, but it was long enough to have an impact on how speedboats would later be developed.

Enter Frederick William Lanchester

One of the main people to see real potential in the idea of speed boats was Frederick William Lanchester, who would go on to spend over fifteen years designing and building new speedboat models with his brother George. As part of this process, he filed a patent for his carburettor invention that would help to mix both air and fuel correctly on his boats.

The Rise in Speedboat Popularity

In the early twentieth century, speedboats became more and more popular, and new competitions were announced along with new speedboat models, turning them into a popular sight at most British waterways. Many spectators were fascinated by the speed at which these vessels could go, making them more popular with people that may have never considered water sports as an option before.

Moving Speedboat Design Forward

As the years passed, many speedboat manufacturers wanted to achieve the best results from their vessels, meaning that they needed to look more closely at the design. The key to their success was creating a hull that could support the engine and passengers, but that would go as fast as possible on the water. One of the quickest designs that came to market was the cigarette boat that was slim and made to go as fast as possible. Cigarette boats we initially used to smuggle alcohol into America, but they are now regarded as some of the fastest boats in the world.

Speedboats Today

If you love the idea of a speedboat, then there are a wide range of options that will give you the freedom, fun and speed that you have been dreaming of. Today’s speedboats are precision machines that hit speeds so high that you will be left thinking that you are about to take flight. They come in a wide range of designs and will add the excitement you’ve been craving to every trip you take on the water.

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