The Fastest Boats Of 2021

What could be more thrilling than racing across the ocean waves on one of the fastest boats on the market? Of course, many boating enthusiasts will be well aware of some of the big-name speedboats to have broken records – Problem Child, Bluebird K7, and the Spirit of Australia being just three of them.

However, the chance of ever being able to take to the water in any of those famous vessels is slim. That’s why we’re looking at the fastest boats of 2021 that you could actually have a chance of sailing.

It’s surprisingly easy these days to find speedboats on the market that can help you indulge your passion for speed. These boats are all available for sale, and could help you achieve your speed fix in no time!

The Donzi 38ZRC

This narrow, long 38-foot speedboat is sure to tick all your adrenaline rush boxes. Capable of hitting high speeds of 120 mph, this lightweight vessel is solid and robust and comes with everything you need for an amazing time on the water. Not only does it boast fighter jet windscreens, but it also offers an impressive JL Marine sound system and underwater lights to really maximise your boating experience.

The Fountain 24 Thundercat

Super speedy and impressively sleek, the 34-foot Fountain 34 Thundercat can manage top speeds of 130 mph – enough to satisfy even the most hardcore thrill-seeker. With a 2-inch 10-foot beam, it boasts ample space for larger groups, with comfortable seating for up to 7 passengers, so you can share the excitement with the whole family! 

The Skater 28 Flat Deck

Groups of up to five people can take to the water in style on the Skater 28 flat deck thanks to its powerful outboards, which can push it to high speeds of 110 mph. It isn’t too surprising that this boat has earned itself the description of a “Porsche on water” thanks to its lightweight handling and major offshore capabilities. A performance leader within its class, the Skater 28 doesn’t come as standard with a windshield, but it’s certainly a good idea to pay the extra for one! 

The Baja Marine 36 Outlaw

Not quite as speedy as some of the other contenders on this list, but nonetheless fun to sail, the Baja Marine 36 Outlaw comes from a reliable and well-known brand and is a breeze to control – making it a great choice for those who are relatively new to the world of boating. Although it doesn’t come with all the creature comforts boasted by some of the other vessels on this list, it certainly offers plenty of power and speed, hitting top speeds of over 82 mph when pushed to its limits!

These are just some of the fastest boats of 2021. If you have the need for speed, it’s surprisingly simple these days to find a speedboat that will take you over 100mph with ease. Or, if you’re a boat owner already, why not look at upgrading your outboards to the CXO300