The Most Expensive Ports in the World

While there are thousands of ports around the world, there are few particularly glamorous locations that are truly unlike any other. Superyachts can be pricey, so it makes sense that their parking spaces are too. 

Here are 5 of the most expensive ports from around the world. Whether you’re looking to plan an all-out yachting trip or if you’re just curious about boats and spending habits, read on to explore some magnificent locations.

1. Puerto Banús, Marbella 

Starting strong with Puerto Banús, this port is a must-visit boating destination. Designed by property developer Jose Banús in 1970, the port enjoyed a lavish opening in May of that year. Among the opening attendees was Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy, and Princess Grace of Monaco. At the opening, three hundred waiters from Seville were hired to serve 22 kilos of caviar to the 1,700 guests. Now that’s pricey!

Since its opening, the port has become a popular spot for the rich and the famous, containing numerous high-end shops, bars, and restaurants. It is rumoured that even the King of Saudi Arabia visits regularly. There are over 900 berths across the 150,000m2 port, all of which are protected by the Sierra de Marbella mountain range. For boaters, the port can cost an eye-watering 2,400 euros per day to moor there. We’ll let you decide if it’s worth it.

2. Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy

Porto Cervo is a stunning port on the Costa Smeralda. Initially established in the 1960s as a village retreat for small boats, the port has grown in size to host the largest and most lavish superyachts. Whether you’re planning on staying on the water or on land, it’ll cost you. On average, the daily moorings for superyachts are around 2,500 Euros, while the local property prices rank at 9,500 Euros per m2

Another popular destination for the world’s wealthiest, Porto Cervo reaches its maximum capacity in June and September with the Deluxe Fair and the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup Regatta.

3. Ibiza Magna, Ibiza 

With only 85 berths, Ibiza Magna is considered one of the most exclusive marinas in the world. Registered as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, the port is the perfect mixture of history and modernity. 

One of the most vibrant spots on the island, the port is filled with bars, restaurants, and a thriving night scene that you can find out about here. For superyachts, it costs about 2,300 Euros for daily mooring, while properties will set you back 8,000 Euros per m2.

4. Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi 

Neighbouring the world-famous Abu Dhabi Formula 1 race track, Yas Marina is a mini Monaco. It costs about 421 UAE Dirham per day to moor a superyacht in one of the 227 fully serviced berths (that’s about £82). 

Created in 2007 alongside the F1 circuit, the entire development of Yas Island cost about 40 billion US dollars, making it the most expensive circuit ever built. According to Formula 1, 14,000 workers were employed for more than 35 million man-hours to construct the 225,000m3 of concrete and 720,000m2 of asphalt.

Alongside the marina is a whole array of attractions, such as Ferrari World, Yas Waterworld, and Warner Bros Abu Dhabi. Would you like to visit?

5. Port Hercule, Monaco 

Speaking of fast cars, our last port is another location for the Grand Prix: Monaco. Monaco has the second-highest GDP per capita in the world at $165,420, which is no surprise when considering that Monaco doesn’t tax its residents. Amazingly, one-third of Monacan residents are estimated to be millionaires, with world-famous celebrities such as Grace Kelly, Sir Roger Moore, and Lewis Hamilton living there year-round.  

The port itself has featured in numerous films, most famously the James Bond film GoldenEye in 1995. While Port Hercule is a little way from the race track, it still costs about 1,200 Euros for superyacht daily mooring. During the F1 season, though, this price skyrockets to nearly 3,500 Euros per night. In the best berths, however, a five-day stint can cost up to 100,000 Euros!