Top 5 Starter Boats – for Budget, Power, & Leisure

Much like fast cars, powerboats have all the appeal of looking great and being really fun to ride. The biggest hurdle, usually, is the price tag especially if you’re only just getting into it, or aren’t quite sure what sort of boat you like yet.

We’ve put together a list of the top five starter boats on a budget. If you’re just getting into boating, these are the ones for you.

1. Family Leisure with an Olympic 520C

Olympic are known for their no-nonsense quality design. They’re not huge boats, but you can get a lot on them. With the Cabin version of the 520, you can comfortably spend a day with a family of four however you best see fit – either lounging around off-shore, fishing, or simply cruising. Importantly, they rely on outboard motors, which means that you can start with a small budget and upgrade the outboard later down the line.

2. Goin’ Fishing with the Warrior 175 Export

The Warrior 175 Export is a great, affordable boat for a fishing enthusiast. It’s got a wide platform for good reach and plenty of storage space. It’s a little tricky to move from the lower deck to the front deck due to the height difference, but that’s only ever an issue if you reel in a large fish. For most easy fishin’, and a good amount of professional fishing, the Warrior’s going to have your back.

3. Luxury with a Galeon 500 Fly

If you’re after a boat that’ll give you the luxury of a yacht, then it’s sometimes worth opting for an actual yacht. The Galeon 500 Fly has extendable balconies, an adjustable leisure area in the aft deck, and a swim platform. Now, some may object to its inclusion in this list – it’s hardly at a comparable price point to the other boats listed – but it is a starter boat if you’re looking to get into the yachting world. At under a third of the price of many comparable yachts, it’s a perfect slice of luxury without an eye watering price tag.

4. Sting 610

As one of the most affordable options, the Sting 610 also has the accolade of being one of the most fun. Designed by the Norweigian designer Espen Thorup, the 610 offers all the thrills of great design, complemented by the joys of Nordic, functional efficiency.

5. Mac Boat Smartwave AV3500 – cheapest, most cheerful

If you’re looking for a great runabout for fishing, hunting, or general boating thrills, the AV3500 with a good outboard is going to be the best way to get what you’re looking for. At an astounding £2500 from new, plus the cost of an outboard, opting for a Smartwave could have you soaring on your local waters in no time.

Need to upgrade your outboard?

If you’ve already invested in your first boat and it’s now time to upgrade your outboard, then it’s time to go for the best – go for a COX outboard.