Cox powers tender vessels for Extreme E’s mothership St Helena

Cox Powertrain’s UK distributor Berthon Power has successfully installed two CXO300 diesel outboards aboard BRIG Eagle 8-meter RIBs, which will be used as tender vessels for Extreme E’s floating paddock, St Helena.

Berthon Power are delighted to have supplied and supported the installation of two CXO300 single installations aboard the BRIG Eagle 8-meter RIBs

Simon Barnett, UK Sales Manager for Berthon Power

Shoreham UK – 8 March 2021 – Since Cox Powertrain began production of the CXO300 in May 2020, the 300hp outboard has been installed on a variety of different vessels across the globe. Most recently, Cox’s UK Distributor Berthon have been working closely with Wolf Rock Company – distributors of the well-known boat builders, BRIG – to provide the electric racing championship, Extreme E with two custom made Eagle 8’s powered by the CXO300 to tender to their floating paddock, the St Helena.

Extreme E are an international off-road racing series that uses electric SUVs to race in remote parts of the world. The St Helena, a former Royal Mail ship, acts as Extreme E’s floating paddock and base, and is used to transport the championship’s freight and infrastructure, including vehicles, to the nearest port of each of its five race locations.

Travelling across four continents, the championship will begin on 3rd April 2021 in Saudi Arabia. Extreme E’s goal is to highlight the climate change challenges faced by different ecosystems, in some of the world’s most remote locations, whilst promoting sustainability and the adoption of electric vehicles to help protect the planet.

The St Helena has undergone an extensive modernisations and refit programme to ensure emissions are reduced, something which Extreme E is dedicated to and led to partnering with Cox Powertrain. With petrol banned on the mothership, the CXO300 was an ideal propulsion system for the tender vessels, allowing the tenders to run on single fuel, whilst providing longer range and better fuel economy.

“Berthon Power are delighted to have supplied and supported the installation of two CXO300 single installations aboard the BRIG Eagle 8-meter RIBs,” says Simon Barnett, UK Sales Manager for Berthon Power.

“The CXO300 was chosen as the engine of choice to install aboard the tenders as they can be fuelled directly from the mothership and comply to the highest emissions regulations, making them one of the cleanest outboard engines currently available.”

The 300hp V8 diesel outboard has been put through rigorous testing programmes with marine environmental governing bodies and has successfully received EPA Tier III, RCD Tier II and IMO Tier III certifying it safe to operate across the globe. With emissions as low as 4.6kW-h, 25% better fuel efficiency and three times longer life than its gasoline equivalent, the CXO300 proves to be, not only an incredibly cost effective outboard but also an environmentally friendly marine propulsion option, making it an extremely attractive choice of outboard for Extreme E.

Over the last few weeks, the St Helena has been docked in Cornwall, UK, where the Cox powered tenders have been undergoing successful sea trials. Since then, the mothership has left for Saudi Arabia with the tenders in tow where the first race stage will begin.