Cox Marine Distributor Spotlight: GY Marine Services

An Introduction to Gulf Yachts

Gulf Yachts was established in 2013 and today has offices in Bahrain and the United Arabic Emirates. We will soon open a new office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. GY Marine Services, the technical department of Gulf Yachts, represent Cox Marine across the GCC (Gulf Corporation Council). The department is focused on Diesel Outboard engines, and we represent the products all over the Gulf Region, with our headquarters in Dubai.

Gulf Yachts are also the official dealer for the Cranchi Yachts, Gulf Craft, and Princess Yachts, as well as Powerboat brands such as Bayliner and Quicksilver.

We provide a one-stop shop covering all aspects, from testing and registration to berthing and training. We have many vessels, from 40m+ Superyachts to smaller family boats.

In addition to the sales business, we have a state-of-the-art workshop and a technical team ready 24/7 to support our customers. Our warehouse in Jaddaf, Dubai, stocks spare parts, engines and equipment. We ensure that we have everything available to give our clients peace of mind.

Customer satisfaction has always been our priority, and this is what makes Gulf Yachts so successful in the region. We have technical teams available around the clock, and our expansion in the region makes clients even more confident that we are always available for them.

Cox Marine x Gulf Yachts Relationship

Gulf Yachts discovered Cox Marine via a commercial boat builder; it was the first time we saw a diesel outboard with so much power, and it was very impressive. Following the sea trail, we visited the production site in the UK – seeing the state-of-the-art facility and the engineers and team behind the engine. We were impressed.

It was a bit more challenging at the start of our journey with Cox Marine; we had to switch people’s mindsets from petrol outboards to diesel outboards. In Dubai, we have demo boats available that are equipped with the CXO300, taking into consideration that diesel outboards are something new in the market and taking clients out on a trip where they can see the performance, experience the low fuel consumption, and see that there is no vibration, nor loud noises help the client to understand the engines better. Now we see an increase in demand on a daily bases.  Aside from the private sector, we are very active in the oil and gas field and government organisations like the coast guard and the army.

The future between Gulf Yachts and Cox Marine looks bright! Significant expansion in the region with many success stories. We are confident that the region will move to diesel outboards from the industrial side, which we already see, to the private sector.

With the support Cox Marine is giving us, and with the commitment we have to the engine, it will be a long-lasting business relationship.

Changes to the Marine Market

The marine industry, especially in our region, is continually improving, from technology and safety standards to performance and styling. There is always something new going on!

New customers emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic; people who had never previously considered boat ownership took the plunge with a small boat. After experiencing the joy and excitement of being afloat, they have since purchased new vessels and are now yacht owners.

The engine market has seen one of the biggest changes. People want more power, more speed, and at the same time economical fuel consumption. This a dream that Cox Marine addressed with the CXO300, a 300-hp V8 diesel outboard with more torque than a comparable petrol engine and a safer fuel source which is typically more readily available.

As we are in this business, we see the future of the outboard market is diesel. Customers want more reliability, safety on board and reduced running costs, which we provide via reduced fuel consumption and enhanced service intervals.

We also see that the marine sector is eager to become even more environmentally friendly, a change everybody welcomes. Car manufacturers are switching to electric engines. However, marine propulsion faces different challenges to automotive, and additional infrastructure is required. Cox Marine is currently producing an engine with reduced CO2 output and a unit which can be run on HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) – a viable option for today’s marine market.

If you are based in the GCC region and would like a demonstration of the CXO300, please reach out to the team at GY Marine Services on

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