Cox Distributor debuts the CXO300 to deliver Christmas presents to underprivileged children

Texas Diesel Outboard took part in the 2020 Freeport to Port O’Connor Toy Run in Texas using their Invincible boat with a triple installation of the CXO300.

Shoreham, UK – 10th December 2020 – On Saturday 5th December, Cox Powertrain’s Texan distributors, Texas Diesel Outboard, took their Cox powered invincible boat on the annual POC Toy Run. The POC Toy Run is a charity event that works towards donating toys and gifts to underprivileged children in the Port O’Connor area.

After successful sea trials of the triple installation of the CXO300 diesel outboard, Texas Diesel Outboard were keen to put the outboards through their paces, and what better way to do that, than a 72 mile trip down the coast, for a great cause.

Boats from across Texas met at Surf Side Marina in Freeport, Texas, and travelled the 72 mile distance down to Port O’Connor to deliver the toys to the Angel Tree program, an organisation who work towards ensuring all children experience the joy of Christmas.

Speaking about the Toy Run, John Bowen, President at Texas Diesel Outboard said: “We were thrilled to use our new Cox Powered boat for this year’s toy run – it’s a fantastic way to get real world exposure. These engines have massive amounts of power and do very well on fuel burn, so we didn’t burn as much fuel as we usually do.”

The CXO300 provides at least 25% better range compared to a gasoline outboard and 100% higher peak torque at the crankshaft than the leading gasoline 300hp outboards, which enables crafts to move more weight more efficiently and reach peak torque, and top power more quickly.

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