5 of the Best Lesser-Known Boating Spots

We all enjoy popping out on our local waters at the weekend, but if you’re heading out on a longer trip you’ll know that nothing beats finding a spot that’s off the radar - without noisy tourists and other boating enthusiasts getting in your way.

It isn’t easy to find such places, so we’re here to help give you a headstart. Here are just five of our favourite hidden boating spots around the world where you can enjoy a peaceful getaway. 

1. The Azores

This cluster of Portuguese-owned tiny islands in the Atlantic are a perfect off-the-beaten track spot to head to if you’re looking for a lesser-known boating spot. Known for beautiful green vegetation paired with a lunar-esque dramatic landscape, these volcanic islands are ideal for exploring by boat, and thanks to their remote location, they remain unspoiled by the masses. As an added bonus, you may spot dolphins and whales while you’re sailing here.

2. The Baltic Islands 

Most people thinking about island hopping bring to mind the gorgeous beaches of the Caribbean, but in fact the inland sea bound by the Danish islands, European mainland and Scandinavian Peninsula is a great place to explore by boat. From the sweeping and wild landscapes of Hiddensee Island to Rugen Island’s white sandy beaches that are completely deserted, the Baltic Islands are a perfect peaceful getaway. 

3. Andros Island 

Somewhat further afield, but no less amazing for boating enthusiasts looking for a hidden getaway, Andros Island in the Bahamas is a great choice. While tourists head to spots like Nassau and Freeport, you can escape the hustle and bustle at this remote spot that is virtually unknown. Without fighting your way through crowds you’ll be able to moor up, relax on gorgeous beaches, and enjoy diving and great fishing opportunities.

4. The Kyles Of Bute

Why not stay a little closer to home with a boating trip to the beautiful Scottish Kyles of Bute? Just off the Argyll coastline, this awe-inspiring destination boasts amazing scenery and plenty of wildlife which makes it a perfect boating location. Soak up the gorgeous landscapes from the water, or try your hand at bird spotting from the deck. It’s certainly going to be one of the most relaxing trips that you ever enjoy. 

5. The Skellig Islands

These rocky outcrops that rear their heads out of the Atlantic Ocean just 8 miles from Ireland’s Kerry coastline are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and for very good reason. Known for its beehive-shaped oratories and cells which were once lived in by monks during the 6th-12th centuries, Skellig Michael was used as a filming location for the recent Star Wars movie “The Force Awakens”, but it’s still a relatively unknown spot for boaters. With all of its historical heritage, it’s a hidden gem to discover by boat. 

These are just five of the world’s top hidden boating spots that you might want to consider visiting this year if you’re keen to stay off the beaten track – let us know if we’ve missed any of your favourites!